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Award-winning professional recognition

Umee is committed to being the best in terms of service provision, talent training and social contribution, and has won honors in all aspects. Umee professional services have been recognized. Not only has it won the annual “Excellent Professional Beauty Salon” award from Sisters Beauty Pro for two consecutive years and the “Asia’s Best Japanese Stone Spa Health Brand Award” from the Asia International Brand Festival, but also Received the "Hong Kong Outstanding Service" certificate issued by the Hong Kong Certification Center, and continue to use service as the pillar to allow customers to experience value beyond expectations.



I.B.H.U.G亞洲國際品牌節 <最佳日式岩盤浴養生品牌>

I.B.H.U.G亞洲國際品牌節 <最佳女企業家>

香港社會服務聯會 <Caring Company 商界展關懷>

香港青年協會 <有心企業> 

Happy Company <開心工作間>

姊妹美容 <優秀專業美容院>

姊妹美容 <美容創業家大獎>

ERB 僱員再培訓局 <人才企業嘉許計劃>

香港認証中心 <香港傑出服務>

GS1 Hong Kong <貼心企業>

香港中小型企業總商會 <友商友良>

積金局 <積金好僱主>

勞工處 <好僱主約章 >

勞工處 <友家好僱主 >