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Pain knowledge

Pain is the most common health problem among urbanites. It is usually triggered by illness, accident, or long-term poor posture. Tong Jiahui, a specialist in pain medicine at Sanatorium and Hospital, said that the pain caused by general surgery or sprains and bruises will gradually subside as the body recovers. However, if the pain lasts for more than three months, it is classified as chronic pain and should be referred to a pain specialist for treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay treatment for longer, and seriously affect the daily life of the patient.


Studies have found that 20 to 30% of the population in Hong Kong suffer from chronic pain, the most common being headache, back pain and neck pain; about half of the elderly have pain in more than one position, such as knee pain, hip joint pain or raw snake Pain etc. However, Hong Kong people generally lack understanding of pain departments, coupled with the shortage of public medical resources, resulting in many patients missing the opportunity for treatment and developing long-term pain.





What is Chronic Pain?

Treating long-term pain should not be rushed

Pain and Health

Pain massage

Pain massage can relieve pain in a variety of ways, including pain therapy that relaxes muscles and joints, and reduces stress and anxiety. If people who received hand massage 4 times a week, their hand pain relief and their grip strength improved, compared with those who did not receive hand massage, the quality of sleep of those who received massage was also better. There are also lower rates of anxiety and depression, resulting in a healthier mind and body.

Different people can bear different levels of pain, so pain massage therapy should be carried out carefully, and adjustments will be made according to the patient's adaptability during the process. What you need to know is that massage pain therapy doesn't have to be a lot of pain to be effective. If you feel uncomfortable, as long as you candidly tell the therapist about your concerns, they can formulate a suitable treatment for you. Pain massage therapy, let you accept it, and it is effective.

Umee Pain

Umee will use advanced equipment to find the root of the pain, and then cooperate with pain massage to repress the pain. It does not require surgery and medicine. Through manual pressure and restoration, it can immediately correct and relieve pain. According to the conditions of pain patients, a personalized pain treatment plan is formulated to ensure that every pain patient receives the treatment that suits them, so as to achieve the goal of curing pain.

In the process of pain massage, if the more painful you feel, is it really more effective?

What should be paid attention to before receiving pain massage

Correct concept of maintenance and good living habits

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